With the rise of the internet; video marketing has become a crucial part of promoting and marketing brands and services online and often employees are asked to appear and present on camera at these events. Being requested to appear on camera at a trade show may be a daunting experience for some however with technology advancing at a very fast rate the need to visually communicate with a global audience is becoming a necessity for many businesses.


Appearing on camera at a trade show and discussing or demonstrating your products or services has many advantages including reaching a global audience and making your products or services more accessible. When your employee is filmed at a trade show you may also be able to benefit from the following:


* Interviews with your experts can be recorded live and used for web segments that can be included in blog posts or shared via social media.

* Create an online web series using the footage recorded.

* Recorded demonstrations can be used on your website or by employees in the field.


Often the individual who is often asked to appear on camera may be reluctant and if this is the case then it is rare that they will actually enjoy the experience. The finished result of the on camera experience may be a series of mixed messages, badly used vocabulary and rushed product demonstrations.


Through our Trade Show On Camera Guest Presenting workshop we work with you to deliver your core message and reach viewers on a one to one level. We teach you to present on camera using a conversational style that will feel comfortable to you and be engaging to your viewers. Through a series of on-camera exercises and proven techniques we will work to increase your confidence on camera and enable you to deliver engaging responses and demonstrations. Working with individuals we help bring out their personality on camera which is essential for inspiring the trust needed to influence and engage viewers.


This workshop is suitable for any employee who is likely to be called for an on camera interview at a trade show. We have worked with a vast range of companies worldwide to enable their staff to present on camera successfully.


We are aware that technology is constantly evolving so we ensure we work with the latest technical to ensure that our presenters come across in the best way possible.

Who should attend?

Executives, managers, sales people, trainers, and those who wish to acquire or improve presentation skills. This course will help the above gain confidence and develop the skills to address any audience, anywhere successfully.


How much?


There is a morning or an afternoon workshop to choose from (9am-12.30pm or 1pm-4.30pm) and with the introductory discount the cost is just £225 per person with a maximum of 4 people per session to ensure you get the very best advise, practice and feedback.




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