This workshop will show you how to set up your own home / office TV studio without breaking the bank or needing a qualification in broadcast engineering.


To stay competitive in this industry having your own home / office TV studio is now a necessity for any On-Camera Presenter.  Whether you are using the studio to produce live videos using Facebook Live to promote yourself, business, product or service or whether you need to produce a daily blog to publish online setting up a studio space incorrectly can result in badly produced video, poor lighting and audio which in turn will make viewers switch off!


During the workshop we show you how to set yourself up with a TV Studio that is capable of recording good quality video, clear sound and excellent lighting.


During the workshop the teams from the Presenter Network and Prime TV will discuss your home / office studio requirements and will work with you so that you can have a better idea about how to set up your budget TV studio.  The workshop is a hands on session where delegates get the opportunity to experiment with equipment available to create a studio suitable for self shooting.



Workshop Overview



Why do you need a home / office studio?

Types of cameras available

Rent or buy?

Self shooting do’s and dont’s!

Live shooting tools (Facetime Live, Google Hangouts) - what you need to make your videos look polished.

Using available light

Basic three point lighting set up

Creating a suitable backdrop

Getting the best audio


Video tools

Finding an editing program to suit your needs



What You Get



 • 1 year subscription to the Presenter Network Members area

 • Discount rental of camera equipment from Prime TV

 • Confidence and knowledge to help you build your own home / office TV studio on a budget



Terms and conditions apply.


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