Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network provide professional and innovative HD video production services to the broadcast, corporate, training and marketing sectors. We captivate your audience by producing and distributing powerful, engaging, brand-orientated digital content. We strive to bring creativity to the process, making complex messages simple & engaging. Speak to us today to discuss how we can help you produce outstanding visual content for your next project


Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network is dedicated to communicating your message to your key audience and beyond. Creating accessible, informative and balanced content targeted and crafted for distribution by both traditional and social media.


Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network understands the nature of working for large public institutions and managing and producing for major events. Its team have provided services for various interactive gaming channels on Broadcast Television, London 2012 Olympics and Royal Weddings in the UK.



Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network understands that your message needs to be communicated in a fair and balanced way. Working for public service broadcasters such as the BBC we share the ethos to inform, educate, engage and entertain. Key to this is being able offer a balanced realisation of complex ideas and to make them relevant and understood by the audience.


Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network knows that creating good content is not enough. We know that unless your audience knows where, when and how to access your content, the message is lost.


Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network will use it’s experience and expertise to deliver an overall campaign strategy tying together the key messages from the findings of the report. Utilising our production team, our multilingual in house media relations team and your key staff we will deliver compelling content.


Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network, with its award winning background in long form production, will create a master video tying together all the findings and through our global Media Relations team distribute it to policy makers, policy influencers, educational institutes and broadcast and digital media outlets.


That’s us. Feed the Voyeur / Presenter Network… Creating Media Solutions.

Feed the Voyeur Showreel from Presenter Network on Vimeo.

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