With the increase of TV and on-line casino shows opening on a weekly basis one of the issues faced by many companies is whether to employ trained croupiers / poker dealers or use presenters to host the games. Either option comes with a set of challenges associated with working in a virtual environment. We work alongside your production / casino team and guide them in how to work with on-screen talent (either trained croupiers or presenters).


Our team of dedicated professionals will coach your on- camera casino team to engage with the audience and come across as personable and warm on screen thus promoting viewer interactivity and an increase in revenue.


With over twenty years experience training TV presenters our team were also at the forefront of gaming TV and were involved in the development of the first casino shows on British TV. With a gaming and TV background our team of coaches understand that the way the game is presented on camera is essential to increase revenue and build up an army of dedicated players.


Casinos are heavily regulated and games must be dealt to a high standard and procedures must be followed. Your on- camera talent must also comply with the communications regulator OFCOM.


We teach your team how to build up trust and engage with viewers as well as compliance issues and expectations of the viewers when presenting a game.


The on-camera training is designed for any company specialising in online / TV casino games. Our on-camera presentation consultant will work with your on-camera and production / casino team with the aim of developing a mutual understand of all the roles within the team and the challenges faced by the teams in front of the camera and also behind the camera.

We work with groups of up to 12 people and will develop a bespoke training plan to suit your companies needs.



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