Highlights from the On-Camera Presenter Winter Networking Evening - 10th January 2017.


The team from the Presenter Network and The Presenter magazine  treated  industry professionals to an educational and fun event at The Woodstock in London's Mayfair district.  The key speaker was Head of Production /  Television Media Consultant Sal De Parres.  De Parres discussed his experience working with presenters around the world and his expectations for presenters working in live interactive / gaming television and included some tips for presenters wishing to pitch ideas to production companies and also advice on how to promote yourself as a gaming (computer games) eSports Presenter.


The event allowed producers to search for new presenters for there productions, catch up on the industry gossip from others in the room, find a photographer and also to  meet service providers.


During the evening attendees met fellow media professionals and built up a great network of contacts.  "It is our aim to bring together professionals already working in the business and those looking to break into the industry during this informal evening" says Presenter Network founder Richie Litchfield.


To view the key speaker video presentation from this event join our online community for access to this interview plus much more.



Key Speaker:  Sal De Parres - Media Consultant


Independent Media Consultant Sal De Parres is a native of Mexico City and has worked in Europe, Asia and Latin America for the past fifteen years as a Television Producer, Business Developer and Creative. Sal’s work is mainly in interactive live television and Media gamification areas.


Sal’s work started as traffic controller in the film industry, later he ventured into interactive web streaming before this media really took off, creating an interactive celebrity show. His fist television experience was with ATV News in the UK as live Gallery Producer, this developed a taste for live entertainment, later on he discovered Interactive gameshows where his career thrived (especially in Asia and Latin America).


Sal has achieved many achievements in this area, one of the most successful shows in Brasil “Insomnia” where he managed to hit the record of the most successful interactive show ever recorded in the country, later he spent the majority of his career developing similar formats in different countries like India, Romania, Argentina, Spain and USA.


In 2014 Sal decided to exclusively work independently as a media consultant with over 60 original successful show formats around the world.

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