Achieve the highest standards from your on-screen presentation talent


Presenters (hosts) are one essential tool for a TV channel to drive programmes forward whilst increasing viewers and retaining them. The training we deliver focusses on essential presentation techniques which will build a strong presentation team.


• We train on-screen talent how to successfully build up shows, create excitement, drama and suspense.

• We demonstrate how to perform on-camera in an engaging manner: whilst creating a viewer community that are both enthused and entertained.

• We mentor presenters and teach them how to perform and reach their maximum potential that will deliver highly entertaining content that viewers love.

• We teach your presenters how to successfully interact with your viewers making your audience feel part of the show.


Our team of trainers have been at the forefront of Participation TV for many years and have devised a number of workshops, seminars and one on one sessions to aid your on- screen talent achieve maximum potential.


We have produced, presented and devised shows for the worldwide terrestrial

market that have lead the way in Participation TV.


Not only do we share our techniques to assist your on- camera presentation team engage with your audience but we show them how they can build viewer trust and encourage participation (should the show require this).


We understand that every programme is unique so we study your shows and adapt our training to suit your channel requirements.


The Presenter Network will demonstrate how to present on camera using a conversational style that will feel comfortable to your presenters and put your viewers at ease. Through a series of on-camera exercises (and proven techniques) we will work to increase confidence on camera and enable your team to deliver entertaining programmes that are up to date with modern broadcast programming. Working with individuals and small groups of people we help bring out their personality on camera which is essential for inspiring the trust needed to influence and engage viewers.


The training schedule will include the following:


  • Initial assessment and observation
  • On-Camera Presenter training
  • Regular feedback and personal development plan for each Presenter


Presenters will be routinely assessed during our visits to ensure they are performing to target and delivering engaging, entertaining performances.

Each workshop will cater for 6 people and will be tailored around your production needs.


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