"A must workshop for every presenter wishing to work in this area.  Learnt how to handle extremily difficult situations within the live TV environment.  An experience to cherish my entire life.  Big Thank you to Richie Litchfield".

Raj Vyas


"Really enjoyed this amazing training".

Leana Dias


"Completely Interesting".

Mallika Malhora


"The success of any workshop depends on the trainer.  Richie Litchfield is calm, composed, motivating and has a great sense of humour and understanding.  During the course we were made aware of a lot of the technical side of presenting.  The workshop was fun, engaging, technically sound and one of the best I have ever come across".

Gaurav Gunjan


"I feel that Presenter Network with Richie Litchfield as its trainer is a great stepping stone for aspiring as well as experienced presenters".

Vishnu Warrier


"Richie has developed training programmes for many different projects and across many different categories. He has also delivered ‘train the trainer’ sessions to coach trainers how to deliver the content. His work is always of an extremely high standard, on time and most importantly on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Richie’s work, and he is always a pleasure to work with".

J Duncan


"Richie has been a key player within media and television for as long as I have known him. Working with Richie has always been a pleasure as he is a true professional!"

Amadin Ryan


"Richie’s knowledge of the TV/Media skills are among the best in the business. His originality, natural flair for creative imagination and commercial appeal, give him a quality that few other presenters rarely have nowadays. With a keen and indepth knowledge of “Behind the scenes”, makes him a valued and treasured individual".

Gary Jackman


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